Why exhibit?


Safe & Secure is a conference event that shows how awareness raising and preventive safety and security can have positive effects in all the areas that currently pose challenges.

This year the conference programme will highlight topics such as social and situational prevention, civil preparedness and defence, IT and information security, laws and regulations, risks and crises.

Together with the industry, we create a forum that promotes safety, security and crime prevention in Sweden.

Take part, exhibit and show what you can offer decision-makers involved in public safety and security issues in Sweden.

Together, we build opinion and make Sweden safer.

This is an opportunity to meet representatives from:

  • Municipalities
  • Regions
  • Authorities
  • Municipal companies
  • Regional companies
  • State companies
  • Social companies
  • Universities
  • Commercial companies

In roles such as:

  • Security manager, strategist, consultant, coordinator or analyst, etc.
  • Safety manager, coordinator or creator
  • Crime coordinator, crime prevention officer
  • IT security and information safety manager
  • Crisis, preparedness, surveillance or emergency services manager
  • Purchasing manager, administrator
  • Business manager, administration manager and political specialist
  • Fire chief, fire consultant
  • Social services manager, local government officer, social worker 
  • Property owner, property manager
  • Police, customs officers, security guard
  • Urban developer, architect

Identify and influence needs

In order to ensure a safe and secure society, dialogue and collaboration between the private and public sectors is important. Here you can mingle, network and do business with the decision makers on site.

Save time and resources

Here you streamline your sales work by meeting a carefully selected target group for two whole days. Meet the right people in the public sector, without having to go through telephone exchanges and infomail addresses.

Get the latest news

If you participate as a partner/exhibitor at Trygg & Säker, the unique opportunity to experience this year's solid conference program is also included. Prioritize skills development, take part in news, see which challenges are high on the agenda and enjoy coffee, lunch and the year's long-awaited banquet.

Examples of product areas/services:

  • Locks and alarms
  • Fire and security protection
  • Surveillance, intrusion and site protection
  • ID control, access control, video surveillance
  • Personal protection
  • Security consultancy services, security testing technology, security systems
  • Cyber-security and IT security
  • Property companies
  • Emergency services
  • Authorities – national security, civil defence and civil preparedness
  • Supporting associations

Why you should attend:

  1. Build contacts and dialogue with decision-making target groups.
  2. Save time and resources.
  3. Do business, network and make new contacts.
  4. Promote your brand to relevant target audiences.
  5. Play your part in making Sweden safer and more secure.

Please let us know if you would like to attend, so we can contact you and tell you more about the opportunities we can offer you and your organization.

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Sales Executive

Tel: 0733 31 40 61
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Kristian Slättberg

Partner manager

Tel: 0708 – 32 29 96
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Want to know more?

Fill out a notification of interest or contact one of us and we will tell you more about the possibilities for your particular organization!